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I think in that freedom we can try without fear.

Totally; I think we really need to have an environment where we feel okay to be ourselves, and that definitely means having the room to fall and get back up.

Interesting point about saying "I think" too much. I personally do this a lot, too. and I've been leaning toward the opinion that while it may seem like softer language -- and to some, less confident language -- I think it can be seen as an honest statement, too. Saying "I think" for me means that my inkling/hunch/some prior knowledge tells me something probably works like this, but I'm not 100% sure and would be open to seeing other perspectives.

I think (hah) that if we were all more forgiving people would feel okay saying "I think" more often. I'm always floundering back and forth though whether I should curb the habit or not. 😩

Anyway, thanks for this post! Would love to hear more thoughts and read more from you!


Thanks Andy!

Interesting point about saying "I think" too much

Yea, I agree it's nuanced! Haha yeah people can be more forgiving for sure but in my situation the people that told me did it from a good place 🙂.

I don't know if it was just my default to say it. In my view I just don't want to come off as saying this is the way we should do things or my idea is right, but I also use it in a lot of settings where it's something about me or a fact and there really isn't a point to say "I think". Are we just having a lack of commitment or doubt, I guess (that's another one) it depends on the context. All these "I think", maybe, etc is interesting - I find myself saying it throughout this whole conversation like you notice! Is everything just a question or suggestion? Haha it does keep us humble but others might find it off-putting, especially in a leadership position/situation where there are people that are looking to you for a direct answer or response. Actually yeah I think that is the case where that should be looked into the most.

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