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Discussion on: You can now web-monetize your DEV posts! (But don't get your hopes up too quickly)

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Andrew Luca

@ben does this somehow mean that posts will start to be under a paywall?

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Bernard Baker

No I wouldn't think so.

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Ben Halpern Author

We are very against the idea of a Paywall for DEV. The express idea of a site like this is primarily to distribute content broadly to help us solve problems and teach each other as we learn.

Paywalls completely suck 99% of the time and are antithetical to this idea.

Here's an old blog post...

I could see us coming up with some kind of functionality that is monetized-only, but for us it wouldn't be straight up content. It's possible that some other Forems could be web-monetized only if it fits the purpose of the community, but again not DEV.