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In my opinion, this is like asking "Is using an IDE cheating".

It's Not!

It's a tool and if it makes it approachable and understandable, then don't be afraid to use it. I've been a developer for a long time, but always used Team Foundation Server. When I started at my current employer, I needed to come up to speed on Git very quickly. Using the GitHub for Desktop application made it so I could learn the things I needed to (node...yuck) without feeling stuck by something ancillary.

Eventually, I did start using the command line, but that was when it made sense to add it into my workflow. Now I can work completely from the terminal, but there are still some tasks I prefer to do through the GUI.


Thank you for your opinion, it's good to know it's not completely odd that I started with a tool. Maybe now that I'm more comfortable with it because of GitHub desktop now would be a good time to fill in the gaps with command lines.


I have to agree with this, it's just another tool in the box and like almost all tools, there is no better, just better suited. I only advocate going from the command-line because I feel it gives a better understanding of the underlying commands IMHO.
I honestly prefer using sublime merge whenever I have to deal with merge conflicts which just plain suck when trying to do it from the terminal.

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