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DevOps Engineer in the streets, C# Developer in the streets as well.

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DevOps Engineer at Stukent

Hosting a .Net Core App with Nginx and Let's Encrypt

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6 min read

Event Registration Web App with .Net Core and Stripe

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8 min read

#discussThose of you indie folks, what made you decide to be indie?

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1 min read

Quick SSL with Let's Encrypt

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2 min read

Programming and the Art of Sewing Machine Maintenance

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4 min read

Let's Build: A Record Catalog - Part One

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7 min read

Building a Custom Docker Image

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2 min read

Let's Build: A Record Catalog (Introduction)

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3 min read

Using Codeship with .Net Core

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1 min read

Deploying a Microservice on Azure Kubernetes (with Let's Encrypt)

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5 min read