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My Gift To :)

I've Been using Dev For Some Time And i Absolutely Love It! Starting from just a random search "DEVTO" to an amazing platform. I would like to give dev a gift for all the happiness it gave me. So In a few days im making Dev FA! Dev FA is like dev but a little bit different. See You Would Send An email to and link one of your dev posts. If its good it will be featured! We're building it up using WordPress.

Some Other Posts That I find Nice Will also be featured!

So heres how it works. There will be a tab called Featured There Will Be All The Amazing Posts that you make! Including some of my own. also with 15 posts in total. More people who get accepted more posts will be taken out. Easy right?

Sadly It will have a .WordPress in the end. And if you get the https wrong it might show a danger symbol.

What does Dev FA even mean? Dev FA means Dev Featured Articles.

If we're lucky we might embed your post. But Thats another story.

The website is gonna be released soon

Ibrahim From TGD Dev β„’

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