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Top 7 Ways To Drop Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

There’s a lot of difference in shopping at any retail store and in shopping online and this can have a major effect on the buyer’s behavior. Especially one specific behavior that happens a lot in online shopping is cart abandonment.
Imagine yourself in a departmental store, shopping in the same way as you do in online shopping. You selected the items for purchase, filled your cart and then got distracted with something else and abandoned the cart and left the store without buying anything. This won’t happen in the real world, but it happens most of the times in the eCommerce world.

Despite good products and your best-laid plans, the shoppers abandon their cart while shopping online. Just because they might get distracted with something else or they closed the tab and never returned. You can take the services of a professional SEO company to figure out ways to reduce the shopping cart abandonment at your website.

Shopping cart abandonment is a crucial problem to solve for most of the online businesses. On an average above 75% of shoppers abandon their carts without making any purchase. Though, it can’t be completely eliminated.

Here are 7 effective ways to drop shopping cart abandonment rate:

  • Build trust in the transaction forms – You need to establish and build your customers trust in your transaction forms. You can do this by including security logos in a prominent position. If the security logo is missing from your website or is not recognizable then most of the shoppers will hesitate in purchasing from you.
  • Effortless navigation between cart and store and make it easy to save carts – Make it easier for your customers to move between the cart and the website. Easy navigation between cart and store will improve the chances of checkout. In addition to this, make it easy to save carts on your website.
  • Though effortless navigation is required to maintain the flow and reduce the friction but it’s the hardest one to get it right. Even big retailers continuously experiment with checkout flow to optimize the process of checkout and making it easier for buyers to shop effortlessly.

  • Provide multiple payment options – Putting a single payment option at your website will only alienate your buyers. Single payment option act as an unnecessary obstacle. Give multiple payment options to your customers to make the process easy. Credit card payment options, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Wallet are some popular options.
  • Include a clear call to action on checkout pages – By improving checkout pages call to action and adding a progress indicator on the checkout pages will help a great deal in curbing the cart abandonment. Anything that prolongs the checkout process unnecessarily should be avoided in eCommerce.
  • By showing progress indicator on the checkout pages and adding clear and strong CTAs you will help your customers know exactly how far they are from checking out. Additionally, it assures the visitors that the process is almost done. A clear indication of the task is preferred by buyers.

  • Guest checkout options – Don’t force your buyers to create an account on your website. If your website fails to offer guest checkout options then it’s more likely that you will have too many cart abandonments on your website. Forcing your buyers to log in is sufficient reason for most buyers to abandon the purchase.
  • Be clear about all costs including shipping – Be very upfront and clear about the shipping costs and all other costs. Your customers will not appreciate any surprises in this section. Hidden costs and high shipping costs are loathed. Your customers like to choose the cheapest payment options. Be clear about all costs including the shipping costs.
  • Provide thumbnail images of products throughout the checkout process and quick loading pages – Providing the thumbnail images of products throughout the checkout process is an excellent grounding technique. Make sure your website pages load fast. No buyer will stay on your website for long if the website pages load slowly.
  • Get a clear idea of how your customers actually flow through your website to the checkout. This is quite revealing of the leakiest parts of your website’s conversion pathway. This will help you in determining your eCommerce strategy to refine your eCommerce experience.


No matter what you do or plan some shoppers are going to abandon their carts without making any purchase. Some other slight changes will also make a profound impact. You can identify the leaks happening in your conversion funnels.

Though, there are many reasons behind high cart abandonment like -payment failure, internet issues and many more. In cases like this remarketing can help. At the same time, it’s important to refine your sales funnel blog. As an eCommerce website development company, we can help you in implementing these ideas on your website.

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