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How do you promote your personal sites?

I've been struggling getting much traffic to my site. How do you drive traffic to your sites?

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Jesse Houwing • Edited
  • Sharing to Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Making sure my RSS feed is found in Feedly.
  • Fixed all issues in Google Search Console
  • Cross referenced posts with my StackOverflow answers
  • Syndicated to a bunch of blogs with the right metadata
  • Optimized the keywords in the URL. Even changed a few and added redirects to keep old content.
  • Moved from a .nl domain to .net
  • And now syndicated to
  • Moved from Blogger to

Growth in 365 days

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C.S. Rhymes

I’ve found writing blog posts on my own site then putting them on ensuring the canonical url is set helps them appear in search engines. I’ve shared some Laravel specific posts on Laravel news community links has really helped too. It takes time and effort to build a following.

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Ice or Fire

I've tried Facebook (some success), Twitter (not much success), and Reddit (varying levels of success).