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re: The DMV near me in Texas is pretty great. You go in, get put on a waitlist, and you'll get a text when you're next so you can go out and run other ...

Agreed. Went to DMV in Texas (DFW) and out within an hour. It's a hit/miss though - my wife spent an hour at least two times. It is still better than Southern California (used to live there few years ago) where I can expect to spend 2-3 hours, if I'm lucky :)


SMS is such an incredibly useful technology for things like this.

Haha I heard its a thing now in California dmv (not verified). If it is though, I wish they'd have it long time ago!It is unfortunate that it takes them a long time to adopt new tech 😅

I feel like building with the jamstack would prevent a lot of this considering that biggest reason for not adopting new tech is security


2-3 hours sounds dreamy now you will be lucky to get some issues resolved even after spending your day there

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