How I (Accidentally) Made a Game Engine from Scratch with Vanilla JS

Isa Levine on April 24, 2019

UPDATE 7/29/19: "The Fire Mage" is now deployed on Heroku! Check it out here: The game engine in a... [Read Full]
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Hello i am actually trying to integrate your work in VueJS app and nodeJS / typescript backend api. I will come back when it's finish :)


Oooo please do! And please let me know if there's any clarification I can provide, I know the code's a little scatter-brained right now! :)


we can do some live coding if you want it could be faster :) let me now


This is really cool. If you want to dive off the deep end with this stuff, my all time favorite book on software engineering in general is called Game Engine Architecture. Word of warning though, it's a rabbit hole.


Awesome! Was always interested in a plain JS implementation of game logic 👍

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