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Isa (ee-suh). She/her pronouns. Full stack developer working with Rails and Vue. Drinks too much bubbly water.

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Masters in Education, Bachelors in English, Software Engineering at Flatiron

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I'm looking for work!

How To Build an Event Sourcing Pattern in Rails from Scratch

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Building an Event Sourcing System in Rails, Part 1: What is Event Sourcing?

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#watercoolerHi Folks, Good to be Back!

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#watercoolerWhat Happened to Video Games Having In-Game CLI Consoles?

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Intro to RSpec in Rails (part 2): Improving Tests with `let` and `context`

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Intro to RSpec in Rails (part 1): Basic Syntax and Strategy for Testing

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#healthydebatePros and Cons of Ruby's .tap Method

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Using Service Objects to Make your Rails Controllers (and Models) Skinny

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#helpHELP NEEDED: Understanding Rails ActionController::Live Module (and Async Limitations)

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BONUS: A Quick Intro to Ruby's SortedSet

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Let's Use Rails Partials To Render Art from Magic: the Gathering!

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A Quick Intro to Ruby's Set, Part 2: Object Lookups and Efficiency

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A Quick Intro to Ruby's Set Collection, Part 1: Creating Sets, and Adding/Removing Objects

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#showdevNeed To Rename Files in Bulk? Here's a Python CLI Called file-renamer

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Ruby on Rails GraphQL API Tutorial: Filtering with Custom Fields and Class Methods

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Ruby on Rails GraphQL API Tutorial: Creating Data with Mutations

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Ruby on Rails GraphQL API Tutorial: From 'rails new' to First Query

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#helpHelp Me (Properly) Open-Source My Vanilla JavaScript Game Engine!

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Parsing CSV Files in Node.js with fs.createReadStream() and csv-parser

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A Quick Review of JavaScript’s Array.prototype.sort() Method

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Three Ways to Retrieve JSON from the Web using Node.js

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Passing Command-Line Arguments in Node.js

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Learning JavaScript Testing Quickly with Mocha, Chai, and Sinon (and a Lot of Gaps)

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Tips for Flatiron Students Working With a React/Rails Stack

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How I (Accidentally) Made a Game Engine from Scratch with Vanilla JS

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Exploring Data Structures From a Ruby Background, Pt. 1: Arrays

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Reflecting on Learning, Failure, and Processing Time (the Human Kind)

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Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Matching, and Why I Haven’t Used Either (Yet!)

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