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Why is there a Twitter button in the main bar and also a Share to Twitter on the kabab?

I'd rather see all sharing in one place, but if people like tweeting, I guess I can see the prioritization of it.


This might have been overthinking it, but I thought the menu should have a fuller list, but also that Twitter is definitely the special one. Twitter is a congregating area for a lot of devs, and makes sense as a quick shareable place.

But I dunno


Maybe I just don't understand Twitter enough ;)

I'm 26, so firmly millennial. Maybe I should make a Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat to be hip and cool again.

Don’t do it. I made because Twitter was lame.

People use it, but you’re better off without the distraction if you can help it.

I have one that follows Guild Wars 2 data mining, but that's more because I don't want to follow the noise of /r/guildwars2 to figure out what was snuck into the latest game patches. I never considered it a hip and happening developer space.

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