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Hello everyone. I'm an engineering graduate(electrical and electronics) looking to make a transition into the world of web development and make a career out of it(at first I was just curious but now I love it). I'm currently focused on front-end web development, and building beautiful, seamless user interfaces. I have no experience whatsoever as the only projects I've worked on are the ones found in code-along articles and online tutorials. However, I'm 'starting at a start-up' (place chuckle here) as an intern next week and hope to get my hands dirty on some real projects real soon(throw some my way if you can, thanks). I've been learning react for about three weeks now, it's been intellectually rewarding. My biggest challenge so far is learning to think like a programmer and a designer, I know I'm just starting and can't rush the process but urgh! It gets frustrating just knowing syntax and not knowing how to logically think through problems properly. Happy to be here though, and I hope to grow into a proficient, reliable, developer!🔥💪🙏🙏

I love sword-and-magic epic novels, sponge cakes, dark chocolate, and an unhealthy amount of bread.

Gideon Idowu(pronounced ee-doe-woo)