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5 Key Reasons - Why Django is the Best Choice for Web Development

From the author: Greetings, friends! I want to talk about the Django framework, what it is, what it is needed for, and most importantly, what it is good at.

Introduction: What is Django?

Nowadays, a website is the original face of almost every company or service. It is impossible to imagine a self-respecting company without a beautiful or not very good website. Whether it's a simple business card website, but it is there! Otherwise, potential customers come into doubt about the seriousness of their chosen organization.
Yes, but we're talking about Django, which is on everyone's lips. What is Django?

Django is a free, full-featured Python web framework (one of the best) designed for simple, dynamic and reliable web application development. Security, fast development, scalability, versatility, support, simplicity and convenience — all this is about Django!

Among Python frameworks, Django is considered the best. In 2018, it was included in the list of favorite frameworks in the StackOverflow developer survey. And as of December 2021, it has established itself as a developed, mature, friendly web platform with an ever-growing audience.

A little bit of history.

The Django framework was created by the developers of the Lawrence Journal-World edition. the newspaper needed a World Online news site, which required the fastest possible development and further work. The programmers of the newspaper Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison undertook this work. They started using Python to develop this project. In order for the capabilities of the new application to meet the requirements of the newspaper, Simon and Adrian created a development environment that saved development time — since that was the only way out, thanks to which they met deadlines.
In 2005, they released their first release, named Django, in honor of jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt (Django Reinhardt).
The community appreciated this framework, which resulted in its rapid development. At the end of 2021, the Django community has more than 20 thousand developers from more than 160 countries around the world.

Why is Django the best choice for web development?

Before starting to create a project, developers evaluate the best qualities of the achieved result. We will look at the indicators proving Django's leadership. Let's get started!

1. The rapid speed of simple development.

Developers of any framework like to brag about speed. We will not argue, everyone is right in their own way. Everyone estimates the speed of development for their projects differently. But who brags about the speed and simplicity of development at the same time? That's where we'll start!

Many things in Django are really done "terribly" fast, so it's also very simple. Take the example of creating tables in a database, drawing templates, assembling forms, implementing handlers. With the help of a couple of lines, and sometimes one line, we get a ready-made solution. Why?

The culprit of this case is a constructor for interested adults. Yes, it is a constructor, not a simple one. Django has such a large number of ready-made solutions that we can only compare it with Lego. Lego consists of many blocks, with the help of which many different shapes are created from each other. In the development of web applications, everything is identical.

The block of registration, authorization, newsletter subscriptions are present in almost every project. The application created on Django consists of many such blocks, prepared in advance by the framework, which only need to be connected.

And this is just a piece of Django's capabilities.

2. Safety at height.

In any project, security is a key component. It bothers developers not least of all, but the rest, or even vice versa, more. Frankly, programmers are people, sometimes in a hurry, sometimes burn out and do not control themselves, some have too high an opinion of themselves, and some are just lazy, which leads to a weakening of control over nuances. Here Django comes to the rescue again. He helps and independently controls many security issues — which is included in his work by default. These functions are initially activated. The framework eliminates security errors if the developer allows them, protects applications from query forgery, SQL injection, cross-site scripting and much more. There is nothing to say about Django security, everything is at the highest level.

3. Admin panel (Django Admin) as a gift.

The admin panel is a separate conversation in web development, it deserves special attention and is designed for convenient management of the created application. For Django, it is generated by default when creating a project, which is a huge time saver for developers.

Many frameworks have tried to make it easier for their users to work with the admin panel, but they are not even close to Django. Django Admin is beautifully structured. It can be used as it is "out of the box", or you can replace it with your own templates and functions. In any case, this will require many times less time than developing the admin panel from scratch. It takes weeks to create such a panel, and Django needs to connect it with two lines of code.

Many beginners believe that Django Admin is inconvenient and you need to put a lot of effort into customizing it to your needs. In reality, it's worth spending a little time studying it, as you will never part with it again.

4. ORM. Simple and convenient for most databases.

Django provides the ability to use the object-relational mapping (ORM) mechanism by default.

ORM is a library that automatically transfers data from databases such as Sqlite, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others to objects used in the application code. ORM allows the user to work with a database without knowledge of the SQL language, which simplifies and speeds up the development process several times.

The advantage of Django ORM is the ability to quickly switch between relational databases without changing the source code of the project.

In many technologies, ORM tools are not enough to handle complex database queries. this problem often forces developers to write SQL queries themselves from scratch. No such cases have been recorded with Django ORM yet. Object-relational mapping in Django is worked out so well that sometimes you forget about the existence of the database and the SQL language.

5. Better documentation and a huge community entail constant development.

Django developers have done their best and created excellent documentation. It is more than enough for any developer. Finding the answer to any question will not provide problems.

For more than 16 years, Django has been surrounded by a huge responsive community and it is growing every day.

Looking at the Django community, I don't see any point in talking about continuous improvement and updating of the framework. Everything faced by beginners, professionals, everything is modified or developed from scratch. At the time of writing, Django has advanced to version 4.0. And this is not the limit.

Most importantly, when faced with a problem, with Django's persistence, you can find a solution immediately.


Django is one of the best frameworks for web development, very convenient for complex projects with huge volumes and traffic. Django is suitable for any idea, regardless of any circumstances.

In my opinion, Django has found a middle ground between the effort, time and cost.

If you are planning to do web development, I recommend paying attention to Django. (Easy, fast, cheap)!

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