re: What are your favorite Linux utility/productivity tools? VIEW POST

  • Oh my Zsh - I don't think there is anybody not using this...
  • SDKMAN - For Java stuff
  • nvm - For Node stuff
  • lsd - Not the drug...
  • fzf - Super fast file searching
  • kitty - Extremely fast terminal that uses your GPU (but better than others; unstable but worth it!).
  • bat - Cat replacement

Since you've stated a few replacements for standard software rewritten in rust, I'd like to throw rg in the ring as well: RipGrep. A grep replacement written in Rust. Seems to be much faster.


Check out exa as well - replacement for ls written in Rust. Faster, better syntax highlighting, expanded options. Aliased ls='exa' on almost all of my systems


Just installed bat. It's amazing! Should be provided by standard package repos by default!


I've used bat which is great but I've never heard of lsd. Installed it, and I'm loving it!


Fish Shell or prezto for zsh. Fnm instead of nvm. But yeah pretty much you just described standard setup.

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