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How to use ::before and ::after in Tailwind CSS

In this article we are going to learn that how you can use ::before and ::after selectors in Tailwind CSS. If you don't know what Tailwind CSS is then you learn it because it is just awesome. And trust me If you got used to it then you could not leave.

Now let's continue with this article. This feature is only available in Just-in-Time (JIT) mode. Tailwind has first-party support for styling pseudo-elements like before and after:

<div class="before:absolute before:bg-blue-500 after:flex after:bg-blue-300" ></div>

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It has content: "" by default so you don't need to worry about that. Any time you use a before or after variant to make sure the elements are rendered, but you can override it using the content utilities which have full arbitrary value support:

<div class="before:content-['hello'] before:block ..."></div>
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You can even grab the content from an attribute using the CSS attr() function:

  before="hello world"
  class="before:content-[attr(before)] before:block ..."
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This can be super helpful when your content has spaces in it since spaces can't be used in CSS class names. You can use mostly any property with before and after


Tailwind is the super awesome framework of CSS. According to me, it's the best so far. Everyone should learn it and it is very easy to learn and use. For more such articles consider a Follow.

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Austin Ofor

i was omitting this before:absolute and my before was not showing.


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