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Discussion on: Should I leave my current job during this time of pandemic?

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Nadia Guarracino

I was in this situation a couple of times. If you don't and can't bear another day in that company just resign. You are a dev, so you'll end up finding another job almost immediatly.
Last time I did it, I was at a company that turned out to be the opposite as they stated in the recruiting iter. I told to myself to resist and look for another company in the mean time, but the frustration of just having my 8-10 hours spent in some useless and illogic task was a price I didn't want to pay. So I quit, took a month break and learnt a new technology. After that break I started in another company for which I am working since 2 years and I'm pretty satisfied.
So, it's up to you, pandemic or not

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PenAndPapers Author

Thanks Nadia, I'm still thinking about it :)