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Should I leave my current job during this time of pandemic?

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I have been a developer in my current company for 6yrs. and during my stay here I've learned a lot not just in web development but also in life. I enjoyed working with wonderful and amazing people/team in a great environment with great culture where I feel I'm comfortable, valued and salary is good too.

But since the start of 2nd quarter of this year everything changes because of the new management and new clients. Most of new project that we've handled we don't have much information about it and clients are hard to chase and doesn't give much details when we ask. So were just shooting in the dark. Clients also demands more and during the development lot's of changes made and new features added that are out of the project scope and we have to adjust again and that makes the project to go over budget.

I started to feel burnouts, lack of motivation going to work, stress. Still tried my very best to do each task that I was assigned and meet my deadlines but each day it gets harder and harder for me and the whole team.

Just this past 5 months some of our team members resigned because of

  • burnouts
  • stress
  • lack of motivations
  • lack of career development
  • team don't get much appreciation about accomplishments

So my question is should I leave my current job and start to learn new things and improve my skills?

I have saved enough money to pay my rent and other bills like insurance, internet, food until the end of this year. But it keeps me worried that I will not have job and income.

Apologies for my bad English.

Thanks, keep safe and God Bless! :)

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I am not sure how things work in the Phillipines, but you can look for a new job while still employed in most places. Try not to stress too much about your current job while looking so that you can put a good face forward in your job search.


I agree. Mental health is much more important. This is clearly the result of poor management of which you have little control.


Great advice! Thanks Kelly :D


Look for a job, then quit. In the meantime, slow down and don't let managerial pressure get to you.
If you quit first you put yourself in an unpleasant position, where you might end up okaying a lesser job than you deserve. Three months rent is also not much to go with.
Also, avoid gaps in your resume. Recruiters love knowing that we never take a break from the grind. Why? Beats me, but definitely a thing.


Thank you Tea, I'll keep that in mind :)


I have the same dilemma. I have a job which is paying me enough but I get no satisfaction and no value for my work. So I am also looking for a change but I don't think it is the right time to leave a job. So my advice would be to get a job offer first and then resign.


Thanks Maulik


Hey man, I feel you, I just submitted my resignation the past few days with the same reason.

I also have the same dilemma, I have enough money to survive until the end of the year.
But I have backup plans, I assured myself that after I'll leave the company I know what I wanted to do next.

Here's what I know:

  • Even on this time of pandemic there are still companies looking for new hires. So send your job applications to companies that you really wanted to work for.
  • You can even go your own way, create your own business and/or do things that you really love to do
  • As always, don't rush your resignation, you might regret it. Try and reflect if resigning is really the right decision for you to grow. Try to renegotiate your work terms or maybe ask for sabbatical leaves if possible.
  • If you really chose to resign, then make sure you have backup plans before submitting your resignation. It's up to you on what you really wanted to do in the next chapter of your life.
  • Always put your mental health as a priority, your mind is your greatest asset. Money can be earned, you can always find a way if you really wanted to.

I hope I have given you some enlightenment.

I wish you the best, and I hope you'll find your answer.

Good luck man


Great point, thanks Rene and good luck too.


I've been a big advocate of Working Agreements regardless of if your team is using scrum or not. blog.bonus.ly/working-agreements

Might feel weird asking for this but you won't regret it if you at least try and improve the culture by doing this exercise. It allows the team to speak to values rather than speak "vs" or "against" one another or management. Citing a paper of agreed upon values is way easier and will promote good health of team management. Sounds like things got a bit wackadoodle, which has been happening a lot this year with everyone. Keep your chin up and go with your gut!!


Thank you Julia :D


Whatever you are doing in the end of the day( stay where you are or change your job) I have only one advice for your future.
Keep more savings for emergency money. It's probably not the last job where you will hesitate to stay. Basically 3 months left from this year and even if I would work in IT, I don't think 3 months of living cost savings is enough.

First time when I burned out, I didn't have even 1 month of savings. I wanted to quit, but couldn't, it was stressful and accepted offer what I wouldn't do if I have savings.
Next time when you have the right job, start saving more than 3 months! So much different between "can't do it" and do what is right to do.


Thank you Laszlo :D

  1. Try speaking to the administrative board about it. if that doesn't work
  2. Seek for a new job while keeping this one as a bird in hand is worth a thousand in the bush. if that doesn't work out in 2 months. if that doesn't work
  3. Use 40% of what you have saved up to begin a startup and swing into self-hosted freelancing big time, quit the current exhausting job after a month or two if you've landed 3 reasonable gigs as a freelancer.

I wish you bliss chief. God bless you.


Thank you Cirphrank


Feel like my story is relevant!
Just left a job of 4 years, and I was content there! I was contacted by this new opportunity doing very similar stuff to before, just a bit of a level up in responsibilities. My interview process at the new place (zoom only, never met them in person) made me feel great, they were great to talk to and everything was so relaxed, and I've been working with them for a month now, and I haven't felt pressured once.

It was hard to make the decision because I liked my old job, it took a few weeks to decide. The people at my old place were great, and I have some great friends, which I'll have to actively keep in touch with.

What I suggest is to interview for a few places, and interview them. You are likely proficient at what you do and you have something to offer them, just see if your goals align with theirs and make sure you feel comfortable with them!

All the best, there's no harm in looking!


Thank you maffyew, and good luck on your new job :)


I was in this situation a couple of times. If you don't and can't bear another day in that company just resign. You are a dev, so you'll end up finding another job almost immediatly.
Last time I did it, I was at a company that turned out to be the opposite as they stated in the recruiting iter. I told to myself to resist and look for another company in the mean time, but the frustration of just having my 8-10 hours spent in some useless and illogic task was a price I didn't want to pay. So I quit, took a month break and learnt a new technology. After that break I started in another company for which I am working since 2 years and I'm pretty satisfied.
So, it's up to you, pandemic or not


Thanks Nadia, I'm still thinking about it :)


Instead of quiting why not speak about this with your peers and upper management? It seems that all your team is jumping the boat. No devs no product.


Thanks Mario i'll try that :)


I see many of you suggest to looking for another job and stay in the recent job while there is no better.
My experience is (in theory) good advice but as soon as I have an interview I need to ask a day off or half day etc. I can't go for an interview without my bosses realizes what's going on.
So, I just wonder what is your experience? How do you manage to keep doing your job but in the same time do your best on interview?


Half day holidays are a blessing, they have no right to ask what you are doing because it's your own permitted holidays! Can always come up with some excuse for the half day (car MOT, plumber/electrician at the house), or try and schedule an interview for dinner/5pm..


Hello PenAndPapers. I can relate, same situation you are. Looking for alternative jobs, but the salary isn't good and the pandamic is very fluid at the moment. You must consider when you find a new job, whether the new company is stable enough. If not, you will be one of the first layoffs when the 2nd or 3rd wave of the pandemic hits again. So my advise? I'm teaching myself that I cannot change people or the situation, but I CAN change my perspective. I'm learning how to say no. How to say can't do. How to play their game and say "with the current situation, I'm afraid that is not possible, lack of resources.. sorry!" You are responsible for YOUR own mental health. Nobody else. In 20 years within the same company, i feel the same ungratitude that you feel. At times I even heard phrases such as "nobody is irreplaceable" or "this is our business, we decide what is best". I've seen some of our best people get fired or at best, forced to leave the company. At the end of the day, we are just a payroll number. We are employed because they need us. What I'm trying to say is, give your 100%, but don't sweat blood. When it comes to tightening the belt, they won't look at your face or the sacrifices you've been through, you will just hear. I'm sorry, but <...>
Take care of your health, your values and self respect. Do your best, what is good for everyone, but if you are not 1,000% sure that you have a future in the new company, I would leave this pandemic settle first. Can't rain forever!!


Thank you Brian :)


Try to line something else up first, and in the mean time try to say no to management and the client


Thank you Benny :D


Long story short yes and it becomes easier as well because people are willing to take new people without much focus on qualification but give you a chance to do it.


Thank you Max :) God Bless


Sure let me know if you need a chat, we could always have a zoom call if you would like to bounce ideas from me.


I would keep this job until I find a new one, it is a pain but consider the pandemic and job cuts, it would be tough to survive without a job..


Thanks Pankaj you have a point. I'm still trying to weigh in my options.


I would go extra mile and try to find another job without leaving current one. Then if you like a new one after a week or two you can leave old one.


Thank you DaX great point :)


In the same condition too currently :")


Hi ari, if you dont mind may I ask if you have any plans for this kind of situation?


Never leave a job unless you have another job offer already in place.

People who have employment gaps often seem unattractive to people hiring.


Thanks hidden_dude, I'll keep that in mind. :)


A lesson I learned the hard way is that once your basic needs are covered, sacrificing happiness and wellbeing for a paycheck is not worth it at all, no matter how big it is.


Thank you Felipe that means a lot :) God Bless


Try to 4DX way of working and keep hope that "this too shall pass".


Thanks devwhoruns :D that was a nice article.


Thank you StarupCircus :) God Bless