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In-Browser Crypto Mining (With Permission) As A Way To Monetize Traffic?

I know you can't browser mine BTC, but Unsplash didn't have any XMR pictures

Obviously cryptojacking is a bad practice and should be whole-heartedly frowned upon but what about if you ask permission first?

AuthedMine Permission Pop Up

With the rise of AdBlockers, AdSense and the like are probably falling off as good ways to monetize a website.

I'd love to hear the DEV community's thoughts on the matter. Is this a viable monetization option? Does getting permission first make a difference? Is anybody using in-browser crypto mining and had any success with it? Is it still "malware" if you ask permission first?

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Joel Bennett

Part of me wishes that Wikipedia would do this, rather than having to ask for money every year. It's not likely appropriate for mobile devices (eating battery life, limiting performance), but for desktop users, I think this is an interesting option. Having it pop up and ask the user? Not cool. Having users opt-in because they like the site? Definitely more appropriate.

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Ben Halpern

I like the idea of leveraging client computing power with permission. Scientists sometimes distribute work this way in order to conduct compute-intensive experiments.

I'm not sure I like this in the context of cryptocurrency that much. It strikes me as unlikely that this would amount to a net positive for anyone. Computer toil for the sake of toil is an element of cryptocurrency that I just find distasteful.

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Dian Fay

I don't doubt people will keep trying it, but I don't see it taking off. Absent the innate problems of cryptocurrencies in general, you're still asking people to trust you to run arbitrary code on their computer. Browser sandboxes aren't impregnable, and there's absolutely no reason for a user to put any more faith in a miner than they do in an advertiser.

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On the one hand, yes, but on the other – what's stopping you from running that code either way? If you're really malicious, why ask permission? Most people fail to disable JS in their browser anyway.

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