Covid19 India Update | Twilio x Dev Hackathon Submission

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What I built

A covid19 case updates webapp. Basically, user registers on this website with their name, phone number and their state(limited to Indian states only) and then they receive covid19 case updates daily twice a day. This webapp helps user to be aware of total cases in their state as well as new cases of the day. I've used an external API to get the data of covid19 cases and using Twilio Programmable SMS API, it sends the daily updates to the users.

Category Submission:

Interesting Integration: I integrated an external api to get the data of covid19 cases in India.

Other Use Cases: GRE Words Of The Day(Sending 5 words daily to user to learn new GRE Words),
Appointment Reminder Using Google Calendar API integrated with Twilio SMS API.

Demo Link

Covid 19 India Updates

Here is the sample message that user receives when they register successfully on the app.
Registered Successfully

Here is a sample message of case updates that user receives daily.
SMS Updates

Link to Code

Here is a github repo of the project.

GitHub logo jamesshah / covid19-updates

Simple web app to send daily covid-19 cases updates to users.

How I built it (what's the stack? did I run into issues or discover something new along the way?)

  • Node.JS
  • Express Framework
  • MongoDB Databse
  • Twilio Programmable SMS API

I wanted to take this hackathon as opportunity to learn something new and that's what I did. I learned Node.JS & Express to build the website and also learned MongoDB(NoSQL) for the Databse. Although I've been using Javascript for sometime but building a fully functional web app taught many many things that the tutorial and videos didn't.

Additional Resources/Info

I've documented the whole journey of building this project from scratch in 4 post blog series. You can check it out here.

It's been a great experience participating in this hackathon and building a project from an idea to the application. Hope you like it.


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