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Code sites to challenge your skills

Last Time I wrote about Place for free Code tutorials, today I have an unsorted list of code challenge sites.

Exercism I was introduced to exercism at a local developer meet up, remember those? We would just split into some groups work on some exercises and then had group discussions on them. I recently picked back up on Exercism because VirtualCoffee group began doing channel with biweekly challenges.
Exercism gives you a problem and some tests. Your challenge is to write the code to pass the test. Once the code passes the test, you uncomment the next one and continue till you solve them all.
Exercism has challenges in several language tracks. Once you solve an exercise you unlock another. They now have online mentors that will review your solutions. I just started using this feature. The mentors supplied some good tips to refactor the code and make the solutions more concise. The comments included links to documentation. I read the docs, made changes and improved my answers.


Code Wars tests your skills with various challenges of increasing levels of difficulty. You can view other users solutions and chat with them. Users can earn badges. There's gamification and a dark mode option.


hacker rank is used by many employers to test candidates. It's good to familiarize yourself with the platform in case you have Code Challenge here.
They have a series of tests called the HackerRank Interview Preparation Kit. It goes over topics that companies test the most. They even state what percentage of companies test a particular topic.

Other Code Challenge Sites

There are many other code challenge sites but for this post I just wanted to list some I have used personally. I didn't want to just list a bunch of them. Some time in the future I ,ay explore others.
For now go out and explore a code challenge site to exercise your mind and skills.

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