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Adafruit's Circuit Playground Express [adafruit.com/product/3333]. Can code in MakeCode (block programming), Python, or C. Has many sensors for fun many projects. Well supported. Kids can see their code doing things in the real world (lights, sounds, etc).


Although I have only tried it briefly, swift playgrounds is fun. Which also supports lego mindstorms (robots!). Unfortunately only available on iPad, while drag + drop code is nice, typing/editing on the display might cause some pain points.


I started mentoring a youth recently, and I can really recommend BitsBox. The student writes actual code (typing in a base snippet and then playing with it), and the output is very visual. The student can track their progress by putting a sticker on the progress card once they have done a program. They ship good quality materials (binder, laminated lesson cards), so they are reusable and shareable. They also follow a curriculum, and they provide a bit of room for the learner to experiment. It does cost, however, since they ship physical materials. But I believe it is worth it.

Note: This curriculum is primarily object/procedural -- most of them are. I would love to know if you find any FP resources for youth.

Edit: I just played with code combat, and it would have been something that really appealed to me as a kid. Comparatively, Bitsbox with physical materials has a very hands-on feel that seems to work better for my current student.


There's Scratch and maybe the Java Hamster but I don't know if there's Information available in english for the hamster environment


code.org is awesome -- I really like how diverse the activities are!


I haved watched a keynote on "teach kids programming" teachingkidsprogramming.org/

sounds great

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