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What to put on my business card?

I've got a project: I'm making a business card that has wifi. It'll have a cut out through which you see some of the hardware (including a led), a micro-usb port to provide it power and instructions on the back.

Now, the front should contain my name, contact details and a job title. I just don't know yet what that job title should be.

This is the frame within which I'm working:

  • I'm a software developer who likes to work full-stack. I'm comfortable in a large number of languages and also do some hardware (microcontrollers) in projects like this one.
  • I want to stay away from qualifiers like "Junior", "Medior" and "Senior"
  • I'd say I'm a programmer as well as a developer, but I'd prefer to use the latter because it sounds more professional and less hobbyist to me
  • I want something that's a bit more imaginative, though
  • the best thing I've come up with so far is "Software Developer & Tinkerer Extraordinaire" (probably spread over two lines). I don't like the "extraordinaire" and I'm not entirely convinced of "tinkerer". I like the "software developer" and the combination of something serious and something tongue in cheek, but I'm not dead-set on either.

Ideas? Opinions?

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