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Shopify Webshop System: Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

When it comes to building an online store using Shopify, the same questions keep coming up. Here they are answered briefly and concisely:

How much does Shopify cost?
There are three different rates:

Basic Shopify

Monthly $ 29 at monthly contract
Monthly $ 26 at annual contract
Transaction fees 2%
For beginners: Unlimited number of products, German support
More details on the Shopify prices page


Monthly $ 79 at monthly contract
Monthly $ 71 at annual contract
Transaction fees 1%
For growing sales: advanced e-commerce features

Advanced Shopify

Monthly $ 299 at monthly contract
Monthly $ 266 on annual contract
Transaction fees 0.5%
For push-throughs: More detailed report function, shipping costs are calculated automatically
Payment is always in US dollars by credit card.

What do the individual Shopify tariffs offer?
Always there is a fully customizable shop, a blog, unlimited product range, sales through marketplaces and social media, payment by credit card, DSGVO-ready, 24/7 support.

Shopify tariff: Provides a professional reporting feature that lets you analyze shop performance.

Advanced Shopify tariff: Offers even deeper performance insights with customizable reports.

What are transaction fees?
Transaction fees apply when a customer pays by credit card or Paypal. They will not be charged if Shopify Payments is used as payment gateway.

Can I try Shopify for free?
There is a 14-day free trial period. You can create articles and make test purchases. If it comes to a real sale, however, there are fees.

How can I cancel Shopify?
You can temporarily pause a Shopify account. You can completely close your shop in the admin area on the bottom, account '. Here the account must be closed manually. This is only possible if there are no outstanding invoices.

To the Shopify website

What does the Shopify Appstore offer?
Here are Shopify supplements and shop extensions. Partially free third-party apps like Amazon integration or dropshipping. There are more than 2000 apps and tools available.

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Vicente G. Reyes

Isn't the basic Shopify $13/month anymore?

naim7407 profile image

I am thinking about creating an e-commerce site.
I have few doubts.
Can i add my own products in Shopify basic account?
And is Shopify support Indian currency?