Get your #Hacktoberfest shirt without writing a lick of code

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Hacktoberfest is here once again, and we devs will do just about anything for a free shirt.

However, there's a war inside us. The Acquire Free Swag inclination is at odds with the Be Super Lazy inclination, leaving many wondering... "What's the absolute easiest route to that sweet, sweet swag?!"

Good news, everyone!

We have two repos where your contribution is functionally equivalent to hitting the Hacktoberfest Easy Button:

thechangelog / show-notes

Changelog episode show notes in Markdown format πŸ“

Changelog Show Notes πŸ“

The repository of Changelog episode show notes in Markdown format.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


Pull requests, please! Our show notes are lovingly crafted by humans, but they're nowhere near perfect. Specific things we'd love help with:

  • Fixing broken links
  • Adding links to referenced URLs, projects, etc.
  • Fixing typos

Why contributing is worth your time

  1. Once merged, your contribution will immediately (pending webhook execution) appear on the episode page for all to use/enjoy!
  2. We routinely send thank you's on the air and on Twitter!
  3. Give back to the awesome Changelog Community of hackers, podcast…

Both are Markdown-based, so there's no coding required. They're also integrated directly in to our open source CMS, so merged improvements go live on changelog.com immediately.

All you have to do is pick an episode, have a listen, and improve its [transcript|notes]. You'll be contributing back to the community, earning a free shirt, and hardly working at all. That's a win/win/win.

Oh, and did I mention we have one of the quickest merge buttons in The 'Verse? What are you waiting for...

Do it DO IT

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Jerod Santo


I make podcasts and stuff for developers @changelog


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So let me see if I understood this correctly ... I create a pull request that involvs a change in one of their transcripts, perhaps I found a spelling mistake, and then I will as a reward get a free t-shirt for contributing ?

Do you they contact me or anything, how do I get that sweet t-shirt :)


Register for Hacktoberfest right here and then they will automatically track how many PRs you open during the month. It takes 5 PRs opened to earn a shirt, but that shouldn't be too tough. ✊


I think I'll be able to get some spare time this weekend for this, listening to tech podcasts also sound like a good idea. :)


Done one so far, but I thought it was pretty fun so I'd like to keep listening and helping out even after Hacktoberfest is over! Thanks for the opportunities!


Awesome, glad you're enjoying the show! πŸ™Œ

(and thanks for the help πŸ€—)


Is there a list of episodes whose transcript or show notes needs attention?


Unfortunately, no such list exists. The best way to find an episode is:

  1. Peruse the catalog (our master feed has every episode we put out)
  2. Pick one that interests you
  3. βŒƒf or ⌘f search in your browser for the term 'unintelligible'

Hope that helps! Btw, if you are at all interested in Plex, I noticed our most recent episode of Backstage has a bunch of unintelligible sections that need fixin'! πŸ’š


Thank you! I just went in and fixed 17 [unintelligible]s for that episode and had fun too <3


That's good - the #hacktoberfest people won't let me participate regularly (because they require Github for no reasonable reason). I might see if I find some time...


They require GitHub, so they can track the number of Pull Requests you did in October.


That would also be possible on Bitbucket where I do all my public work... :(

But Hacktoberfest is a GitHub only thing, right? It's a partnership between DigitalOcean and GitHub to just encourage more open source contributions.

You are right that there's nothing stopping DigitalOcean to include support for GitLab or Bitbucket, but after a few years of Hacktoberfest, it doesn't seem like they are interested.

I did not even think about the reasons, honestly.


do you shoulder shipping fees? :D


Well, the author doesn't, but Digital Ocean does. This is a month long event and yeah you don't pay any shipping fees (well, to the US you don't, I don't know if this is open everywhere honestly. Hopefully it is.)