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What are your thoughts on the cryptocurrency madness?


As I've educated myself and learned more, I think I'm at the position of... I know enough that I don't know enough.

I think that the vast majority of people investing into cryptocurrencies are purely hype-driven and have no insight or appreciation for the underlying technology. Maybe that's fine, and maybe they're "right" in the macro sense, and they'll all make a lot of money as cryptocurrencies gain adoption and importance in our world. But I find it worrying.

A lot of the smartest people I know are working on blockchain-based projects, and understand how to leverage the technology's unique advantages to transform industries. At this point, I don't have that same level of insight or bullishness in the area — but I'm prepared to be wrong in a major way.

I wouldn't be surprised to see this whole thing play out similarly to the .COM crash. A lot of people will lose a lot of money on specific projects — maybe it's too early — but the overall sector will do really well in the long run.

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