What are your "must have" custom snippets for your editor/IDE?

jnschrag profile image Jacque Schrag ・1 min read

A custom snippet is a template that allows you to easily enter repeated code patterns. This Snippet Generator by Pawel Grzybek makes it easy to create your own for VS Code, Sublime, & Atom.


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My most used for PHP / Symfony development are:

ecd (echo dump die):

echo '<pre>';
exit(__FILE__ . ' on Line ' . __LINE__);

vdd (var dump die):

exit(__FILE__ . ' on Line ' . __LINE__);

pdd (print dump die):

echo '<pre>';
exit(__FILE__ . ' on Line ' . __LINE__);

When i need to debug they are big timesavers!


I like the inclusion of line numbers. Might steal that.


Yeah I was doing that:

var_dump($whatIsHere); die;

Useful for debugging.


My big three are:

  1. Lorem Ipsum: Typing "lorem" and hitting tab will generate a whole paragraph of lorem ipsum text.
  2. A SASS include statement for a custom mixin I use for media queries.
  3. Console.log: Typing "cl" and hitting tab will generate console.log([Cursor Here])

I use a console.log() snippet all the time.

As an added bonus I put a matching variable/value cursor like this:

console.log("[Cursor Here]", [Cursor Here])


Tip 3 is great. Is it for vim or vscode maybe?


I can be happy with snippets just for function definition, ifs and console.log.

While using a pluginless vim these abbreviations are timesavers:

:iabbrev <buffer> con@ console.log();<Left><Left>

:iabbrev <buffer> vd@ echo var_dump(); die();<Esc>2F)i

:iabbrev <buffer> fun@ function() {<CR>}<Esc>%F(i

:iabbrev <buffer> if@ if() {<CR>}<Esc>%<Left><Left>i

tsrsfc: produces a functional component for React with TypeScript.

ac-api-action/-delete/-post/-put: produces a stubbed REST APIs for .net Core.

:shrug gets me ¯\(ツ)


I've got /shrug set up via Alfred so I get ¯_(ツ)_/¯ anywhere and everywhere. I also made it a keyboard shortcut on my phone. 😂


impd gives me:

import { } from ' ';

The cursor starts in the path and then moves to the braces so that I can tell it where I want it from and then what I want.

Changes somewhere along the line have made the intellisense a little wonky, but it used to pop up with options immediately without me having to press Ctrl + Space.

I have a few others set up as well, such as impa which expands to:

import * as [alias here] from '[path]';

Ooh this one is handy! Might need to add it to mine.


I utilize quite a few snippets. Here are the ones I use most often with JS/TS:

"af" for arrow functions: () =>
"afb" arrow function body: () => { }
"desc" for jest describe block: describe('', () => { })
"it" for jest it block: it('', () => { })
"imp" for normal import
"imn" for import named
"ima" for import as
"c" for scaffolding a full class
"ctor" for a constructor

For those using WebStorm or IntelliJ variants, here is a nice starter that I came across: github.com/blakedietz/js-live-temp...


About the only one I use is this:

  autocmd FileType php nnoremap <buffer> <leader>dump Oheader('X-XSS-Protection:0');ob_get_clean(); echo '<pre>'; var_dump(); die;<esc>F(a

which is basically the equivalent of everyone's console.logs but for PHP.

I'm not big on snippets. I've tried them and never got the hang of them!


I like using a line of dashes to separate logical chunks of code in my classes (related methods, public vs private methods, fields, constructors, etc.). I have //- expand on tab to a full line of dashes and place the cursor above it to quickly add a comment.

Here's the "Live Template" used in the IntelliJ products:

Comment Break Live Template


I have a few here (even if it requires an update !)

  • Python main is very useful to prototype things real quick
  • The html template saved me a lot of time when we had a lot of assignments in school !

Not using any snippets but everytime I type a non-breaking-space by accident (Alt+Space) I have it replaced by a normal space. On QWERTZ-Keyboards, this happens if you type "function() {". I wasted lots of time hunting those.


pdb in python to import pdb library and set a break point


I use Slick slider pretty frequently so I wrote a custom snippet for the settings 😆



I was thinking of writing some snippets but who has the time :P

  1. Emmet.
  2. HTMLHint, CSSLint, JS/TSlint.
  3. Autocomplete, AutoFileName.