Bilingual Devs What Language Are You Thinking in?

joehobot profile image Joe Hobot ใƒป1 min read

I speak 5 languages fluently and often I get asked what language I am thinking in. Been in the states for 20 years I can say that most of my thinking is in English however from time to time I catch my self thinking in different languages even when I am working on some project.

How about you ?


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Well I have an issue while coding because our institute all our devs are spanish speakers and sometimes I have an issue if I have to code at english or in spanish. If I follow the standards should be in english but after all I finish doing some kind of spanglish ๐Ÿ˜…


I speak Spanish and English.

It depends on the context, whenever I am reading or listening to a podcast, I am thinking in English.

Other than that I think mostly in my mother language, which is Spanish. When I try to express something I tend to use false cognates.


After reading your question, I started to think and reached the conclusion that I don't really know in which language I think while programming. While I'm sure it gets converted to english finally when I write the code :P.


I speak Spanish, English and French; Most of the time when I'm developing, I'm thinking in English but when I have a problem or bug, I found helpful to think about the problem in other languages. Give it a try!!


I think in English, sometimes in Python


English. But when it comes to counting, I find that easier to do in my native language.


I speak french Arabic Amazigh ( native language) English I'm thinking in Amazigh ofc but sometimes English lol and ofc code in English