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Christmas is around the corner. Build something for Someone

Hey its time of a year where people exchange gifts and some put those gifts under the tree. Last year I wrote an article about Christmas ideas that you could actually build vs buy at the store, wrap it and put under the tree.

Here is the link for those that are interested.

Few things that might also work and put under the Christmas tree.

Smart Mirror is something I built and its much appreciated gift which for someone non-technical is like WOW factor but to some of us is just 5hrs of code and 10hrs of constructing that mirror + the material such as Raspberry PI + monitor + two way glass etc.

Cost is about $100-200 + your time

Echo with Alexa - this is something super fast that can be done within a day, granted you could go and buy echo dot for $29 but you could build one with Raspberry PI and add some extra stuff onto it.

Cost is about $35 + your time

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