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Joel Patrizio
Joel Patrizio

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Sharing my Free Open Source Anti-Procrastination app made in React Native & Firebase (⚛ + 🔥)

TL;DR: check it out at

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Short intro

After 45 days and 176 hours in total, I'm finally done with my side-project app: A procrastination tracker that will randomly ask if you're procrastinating or not.

I started this mobile app as a learning project, and decided to release it as a free open-source thing. I've been working on it daily since the beginning, and thought it was going to take me just 2 weeks, but well... seems I'm not that good at estimating 😅

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About the app

Don't Waste Today! is a free and open source app that will:
💡 Help you understand how often you procrastinate
🎯 Tell you why you procrastinate
📊 Give you the insights to take action to "unstuck" your life

The process is simple:

  1. Set the days and time when you want to focus on your tasks
  2. You'll receive a notification asking if you are procrastinating
  3. If you are procrastinating, answer why
  4. Then you'll see an analysis and daily report of your performance and main reasons why you procrastinate.

Don't Waste Today can help you with

Tech stack

⚛ React Native 0.63.4
🧩 Redux
🧩 Redux Persist
🧩 Redux Thunk
🔥 Firebase Auth
🔥 Firebase Analytics
🔥 Firebase Crashlytics
🔥 Firebase Firestore
🔥 Firebase Functions
🔥 Firebase Remote-config

Don't Waste Today is available in App Store and Google Play

Main Libraries

Don't Waste Today dark mode

Some Links

👨‍💻 Source code
🤖 Google Play
🍏 App Store
💻 Website

Top comments (2)

martincomito profile image
Martín Comito

Amazing job!

joelpatrizio profile image
Joel Patrizio

Hey, thanks Martín! Glad you like it 😊