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Feeling hopeless and discouraged

TL:DR Im feeling very discouraged and left wondering if given the economic downturn that I should even bother with my plan, because my assumption is that no one will want to hire self taught people anymore, hope some self taught guys could weigh in on this.

Any chance a self taught guy can get a job as a full stack web dev in the current state of the world? To get an idea of where I am at and what I plan to do, I have already completed my first front end project using html/css+grid/JS(es5 but still learning fundamentals just to wrap my head around it) and will implement PHP in the form section in the next day or 2.

Since I am laid off and have a shit load of time on my hands because who knows when restaurants will re-open (Line Cook). The plan is then to simultaneously take a more advanced css/sass course as well as App Academy Open to learn some CS fundamentals, the MERN stack and SQL (I want to learn React over Angular or Vue and I might skip the ruby and rails section for now), after that I figure I should get at least rough understanding of and java just so I have a more lucrative skill set.

Is this a good strategy? I started to learn to code this September with C++ to learn Unreal as a hobby so I could specifically get into game sound design, but after having made a bunch of small terminal apps/coded in unreal/ made my first web project, I'm now just ironically in love with coding lol.......and now realizing how it may be my best chance to stay employed in the future.

I should mention that outside of the day job I was a freelance and in house audio engineer for years (mostly mixing/mastering), so I have a pretty solid foundation in not only using both Windows/Mac and JACK based applications in linux so Im not a total noob with computers/software.

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Jamal Al

Stay strong 💪 you got this. You have a good plan just keep going!