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re: If your counter offer is your minimum acceptable salary number, you could expect the company will come in lower than that as a final offer. I know ...

That's a really good point, thanks for the question!

So it's tough...in the scenario where you're countering your minimum acceptable salary, you're playing hardball: I need to get this number, or I won't come work for you. I didn't really explain this well in my talk, but you should communicate that in your counter. There's a different between telling the person you're negotiating with "I'd be more comfortable with " versus "I really can't accept any less than ".

The idea is that if a company isn't up to your minimum acceptable salary at first, you're already in a danger area.


Thank you for the follow-up! This is kind of what I expected, but I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question and reinforcing this.

If i didn't say it already, FANTASTIC talk!

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