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PHP Dependency Injection The Easy Way

Hey guys,

About 6 or 7 years ago I wrote a little PHP library that ended up becoming the a core part of a framework I built out for a project I was working on. I wanted to have a good dependency injection engine for my project but was not happy with the DI's that were available at the time. So I decided to make a very simple DI engine that is easy to understand.

I just wanted to share it because it's been a while since I've shared it. If you're looking for a good DI engine for your next PHP project, this is a good solution.

I was thinking about moving it over to my Org ( and officially supporting it again. This will depend on if anyone else sees a need for it.

Future feature updates:

  • Add a put($className, $object) method that will allow you to put and override instances within the DI container.
  • Update the project to become part of the Fire family. Rename it to FireDI.
  • Add Unit Testing with FireTest.

What features do you need in a DI?

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