Why we chose serverless over containers?

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Docker, as in containers, has always been our favourites. It has always empowered us to shepherd our VMs and make the most out of it, though once again we were facing problems in our DevOps pipeline, especially time to market our product features.

We were looking for something which would be simple, cost-efficient, resilient and scaleable with next to no time investment. And that’s when AWS Lambda attracted us.

In the battle of serverless vs containers, I didn’t want to trade one problem with another. And that’s what I discussed in my previous post. Functions aren’t any silver bullets, though here’s what I have to say after using them for a month:

  1. We are definitely reducing cost. Also, as a tech people, we’ve always wanted to simplify our technology stack.

  2. With only a few people in DevOps, every other team has to fight to get their things done as fast as possible. With this in mind, functions are helping us in eliminating the team dependencies.

  3. Timing is everything for us. And functions are helping us in constantly iterating and changing our releases before shipping them to the production environment.

This is just the tip of Serverless-burg and I will be updating the community regarding performance issues. If you have anything to share, experience/suggestions or tips, please comment. Connect on Twitter @jsitapara to talk more about serverless architecture.

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