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Discussion on: How to consume RESTful APIs in Laravel 8 and Laravel 7

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Jorgen Skogstad • Edited on

Got any thoughts as to how that can be extended consuming API's that have to be authenticated with a token similar to ?

Essentially fulfilling the same process as this code?:

$waApiClient = WaApiClient::getInstance();


$account = getAccountDetails();
$accountUrl = $account['Url'];

$contactsResult = getContactsList(); 
$contacts =  $contactsResult['Contacts'];

foreach($contacts as $contact) {
   echo '<br />';
   echo sprintf("#%d - %s", $contact['Id'], $contact['DisplayName']);

function getAccountDetails()
   global $waApiClient;
   $url = '';
   $response = $waApiClient->makeRequest($url); 
   return  $response[0]; // usually you have access to one account

function getContactsList()
   global $waApiClient;
   global $accountUrl;
   $queryParams = array(
      '$async' => 'false', // execute request synchronously
      '$top' => 10, // limit result set to 10 records
      '$filter' => 'Member eq true', // filter only members
      '$select' => 'First name, Last name'
   ); // select only first name and last name to reduce size of json data
   $url = $accountUrl . '/Contacts/?' . http_build_query($queryParams);
   return $waApiClient->makeRequest($url);
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