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Discussion on: Is Haskell bad for FP?

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Jan van Brügge

I will have to look into that.

Just put NoImplicitPrelude into your .cabal file or put {-# LANGUAGE NoImplicitPrelude #-} at the top of ever file. I use Protolude for example:

Interesting, do you have more info about this?

For example this: head . fmap f = f . head. If f bottoms on the second element in the list, the left will bottom and the right not. In a lazy language both won't.

I don't think it's necessary

Bottom is just the name for crashes (which is different than errors), ie non-recoverable, like panic!() in Rust. Strict languages don't need to bother, because a crash will just instantly crash the program. In a lazy language this is not the case, so you need a name to talk about this behavior.

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DrBearhands Author

Ah, sorry, I meant "fully functional programming" isn't necessary, not bottom :-)