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Discussion on: I'm an African Developer Avocado, I'm trying to build more developers in my Country, Ask Me Anything!

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K-Sato • Edited

What you are doing for the dev community, aspiring devs in your country and your country itself is nothing short of incredible!! I'm genuinely very impressed.

My question is

What made you start what you are doing in the first place?

Did you get some inspiration from somebody? or Was helping others what you always wanted to do and using your programming ability as a medium to do so?

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Name cannot be blank Ask Me Anything

Since I moved up my programming career last year, I have been supporting the
developers community the little way I can, from sharing Udemy courses to mentoring. I was able to share more than 200 paid course late last year.When I started, i got massive support from authors and developers outside. I have been on this lane ever since. Trying to push the community forward any little way i can.