Clean code or not clean code that's the question

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code quality is a really important subject in software development, if we really like to deliver a real tested product with fewer bugs (or no bugs) we should respect the majority of coding rules and standards.
I use eslint and prettier in vscode and some other extensions for code formatting.
Lately, I've started using SonarQube for checking code in CI/CD and it's a really powerful engine, it analyses the code and it detects bugs, untested code, security vulnerabilities, and more.
after resolving all the points, another devlopper will check the merge request to check the unseen or forgotten issues.

what do you think and what do you use in your daily life?


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I like all the tools you listed. I like to use everything possible to help with clean code.

In addition to the tools you listed, I like to use Git hooks. These run the whole build (if it's feasible) and run tests and such. You can make them run before every commit, or just before pushing, or at other times.

Not sure if it's relevant to "code quality", but I also like to use Storybook. It's a fairly good development environment and "component catalogue" or living style guide for components.


thanks for your reply,
I use gitlab hooks in merge requests, checking that there is a MR description and labels all the staff.
storybook is the future it's a must use.


Whatever has the best plugins, VS code and Notepad++ are work horses simply because a quick Google search will most likely solve your beautification problems and syntax errors


agree, google is your "Fri-end", but a nice configuration will save you much time in searching :)