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Difference between UI/UX Designer vs Web designer vs Frontend Developer

Hi Guys! I know its kind of embarrasing to ask a question such as the differences of web design, ui/ux design and frontend developer. But Im really confused, i tried googling it, but google doesnt really give me such answer- answer that would clear my mind. I wanted to be a Web Designer, but in my country they are looking more on a UI/UX designer,and its confusing me, arent they similar?

I wish someone out there could clear this up to me about the differences between UI/UX Designers, Web Designers and Frontend Developers.

It would help me a lot. Thank you in advance! 💕

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If Im not mistaken - Front End Developer and UI/UX Designer are subset of Web Design? So if I wanted to be a Web Designer, I could either pick if I wanted to be a Frontend Developer or a UI/UX Designer? Am I right?