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Katie Raby
Katie Raby

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Introduction to My Golang Journey

Unlike my other blog posts, this will form a series of blog posts focused on my personal learning journey whilst learning a new language - Go.

I'll be writing posts about Go basics as I learn or recap them, which will help me go over what I've learnt, give me accountability, and hopefully also help others following the same journey!

Why am I learning Go?

  • Since starting as a developer, I have mainly been working with the JavaScript stack and want to expand my skills to encompass other languages.
  • I love to learn and take on a challenge!
  • I'll be expanding my skills at work in 2021 to include Go. The back-end services are written in Go, and I want to be able to work across the full-stack.

What is my background?

Briefly, I started coding more seriously at the end of 2019, and graduated from my full-stack JavaScript coding bootcamp in May 2020. I started my role as a Junior Software Engineer in the July, and have continued to work and learn since!

What resources am I using so far?

Note: I am learning Go from the perspective of already being familiar with JavaScript.

The format of posts in this series will be free-flowing. Feel free to post any advice or resources in the comments below ⬇️

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Hey Katie. I am a Gopher myself, If you need any help along the way - Send a message. I could be of help. I hope you get to enjoy and appreciate the power of Golang.

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Katie Raby

Thanks! :D I'll be sure to get in touch. I'm looking forward to the journey.