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Discussion on: Build a Simple Chess AI in JavaScript

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Nikos Katsos

I'm working in the industry for 8+ years, writing frontend & backend javascript every day - all day since I've been taught.
I cannot mention enough how evil & unpredictable var can be. Especially if your team has a junior or two, it is guaranteed that var will lead you to problems.

I recommend you to replace them. Scoped variables are your friends.
If you insist to use var, I'm gonna tell you "I told ya"

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Rocky Kev

I'm not disagreeing with you. And I can point to my industry experience as well if you want to go there. I'm simply sharing a perspective that made me reconsider my own stance.

And again, I disagree with a lot of his perspectives - but this one was something that made me ponder. Kyle Simpson also points out the reasoning for why he came about that, and I wish I could find the spot in his lecture. It was a fascinating perspective to say the least.