re: Is there a good way to find out when your article is shared around? VIEW POST

re: Maybe then "magic pixle" or image style approach might work? E.g use an image in your article, but one hosted on a domain your control and can get ...

Yeah the former is a no-go because typically it's just the link and title that are shared, not necessarily a card or anything. The latter is something I've thought about, and could be fun to write as a side project and share around... 🤔


Haha, thanks for all the suggestions! Tbh I'd be slightly more inclined to go a Node.JS route, since it's where my knowledge lies (and would give me practice that could be directly applied to my day job), but I do enjoy the occasional Python hackathon, so who knows!


Start something open source on GitHub, I am sure others would help.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if each of the tree things already exists, although maybe in isolation.

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