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Discussion on: Share your portfolio - I'll review it in a video

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kethmars Author

Hey hey :)!

Thank you for the submission, I have reviewed your website!

Please do let me know what you think and if you like to content, you can also subscribe (blush) :D!

Btw, I loved the originality about your website. Do you consider improving the mobile experience?

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Hans(Akhil) Maulloo

Already subscribed and already hit the bell. Thanks for review!

And yes, about:

  1. the animation part on my landing page, I will do something about it.
  2. the title and skills and Interests section on the my Resume, I will remove the stars and fix that.
  3. The mobile experience. I did take responsiveness into account. If you choose another phone in the dropdown at the top and switch back to Iphone6/7/8, you will see that it is responsive. :)