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I've started to program because six months ago I wasn't doing very well mentally. Two months ago I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and try something new. However that 'new' thing didn't work out for me. But whilst I was trying out that 'new' thing, I met some people who were developing a web application. I just loved watching them sit together, discussing their code; cool bad-ass hackers trying to change the world.

It inspired me to take a three-hour workshop that taught the basics of HTML & CSS. I almost didn't go to the workshop, because I worried about wasting my time. I'm very sad to think that in some parallel dimension, there's an Alex who didn't go. Because I'm so grateful I did.

I'm still a code newbie. I'm still struggling to understand for loops and the concept of scope. But this week I achieved level 7 kyu on Codewars, and tomorrow I have a technical interview at a boot camp I'm so excited to join.

I guess I'm programming because it's a continuous learning experience. It keeps my mind occupied, and although I know it can be frustrating, it actually calms me down when I'm in that coding zone.

I'm not saying it cured the health issues I had back then. I'm just happy I've stuck with it, and I'm excited to see where I'm going.


This is very expressive and great response. Great that you are onto coding bootcamp. What is the actual future goal right now?

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