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Why are you programming?

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People started to learn web development thinking about future, right now web development is no longer a thing for future, it's present. However, this arises another concern, what's now? AI? Machine Learning? Self driving? Mars? Aliens? Prevent global warming? More programming?

Predictions can go wrong any time, and they are dangerous. However you, those who don't live in the past or present, have some ideas/plans that you are following, right?


  • What is it? What do you think will be here 5-10-50 years later?
  • Are you planning for that? What's your plan?
  • Why are you programming/developing/hacking...or doing whatever you are doing?
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I've started to program because six months ago I wasn't doing very well mentally. Two months ago I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and try something new. However that 'new' thing didn't work out for me. But whilst I was trying out that 'new' thing, I met some people who were developing a web application. I just loved watching them sit together, discussing their code; cool bad-ass hackers trying to change the world.

It inspired me to take a three-hour workshop that taught the basics of HTML & CSS. I almost didn't go to the workshop, because I worried about wasting my time. I'm very sad to think that in some parallel dimension, there's an Alex who didn't go. Because I'm so grateful I did.

I'm still a code newbie. I'm still struggling to understand for loops and the concept of scope. But this week I achieved level 7 kyu on Codewars, and tomorrow I have a technical interview at a boot camp I'm so excited to join.

I guess I'm programming because it's a continuous learning experience. It keeps my mind occupied, and although I know it can be frustrating, it actually calms me down when I'm in that coding zone.

I'm not saying it cured the health issues I had back then. I'm just happy I've stuck with it, and I'm excited to see where I'm going.


This is very expressive and great response. Great that you are onto coding bootcamp. What is the actual future goal right now?


I was actually training as a computer graphic designer, and noticed the cost of the software at the time.

I thought I would learn to code so I could create something like Photoshop and charge $1000/license as well subsequently becoming a millionaire.

I am still not a millionaire.


20yrs @ 100k salary if you can manage to save half each year ... roughly

Oh, so it's for money? :D Do you think you will work on same salary for 20 years and be happy?

No I would write code for free because its actually art.


I'm programming because I love it.
Even when I don't have a job to do i'm already on my PC trying or learning a new thing.
How in my head I see the future...mmh!well I think that human will spend most of their time trying to have something to do because AI, Bots, and Robots will do most of the things we're doing today, even programming.
But the world will always needs developers, designer.
To know how AI works, but the most important, is to hack things and have ideas.
I see myself as farmer, rancher or something like that because I love when it is bio.but I'll always have my PC next to me when my robots freak out.


That's cool! Soon talented people will be needed to grow more food and clean air, which will need better knowledge. Great target.

But why do you see yourself in that future in next 5 years? Or wait, you didn't mention any timeframe, is it infinite faraway future?


for the next 10 years, I'll still be a developer but a Nomad Developer, because I want to travel the world and see a lot of different cultures.
After that i'll back home or stay where I'll see that it's great for me and start my farm.


I wouldn't describe most programmers as programmers but software engineers and the distinction is important.

Whilst the actual programming is important the main skill you will see develop is trying to translate the imperfect language of your customers into the very pedantic world of computers.

Creating successful software is about interpretation of needs more than anything else; I'm not convinced any technology in the next 5-10 years will take that away.


So, what's your plan for next X years? Do you have a plan/goal/target?


I love this job because I can create new things all the time and something useful that can help a lot of people around the world (I couldn't do that yet, but I hope to do it soon :D)

In the future, I hope to open a startup with some friends and work in my own business.


Well, I had two options, either a medical school to work on prosthetic limbs or programming. I was better at Computer Science than Biology so becoming a programmer seemed easier

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