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Discussion on: Managing the codebase for a coding platform I wrote in 8 weeks as a highschooler

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Zane Milakovic

It’s too early to know what will work.

I think a good start would be to try and get some early feedback. For example, on the design I had to scroll fairly far on my mobile to kinda understand what the site was about.

Get some feedback on design and messaging before you spend too much on acquisition. That being said, I would start by sharing it on places like and other areas.

Maybe write some posts on your experiences building it, or how users can use it and what type of skills they can learn.

Then when you start building a audience, and have traffic, then it makes sense to tackle things like load balancing and scale.

Overall it is a very impressive 8 weeks of work. Start collecting feedback and spend your energy on addressing those issues, and figure out what type of marketing activity works.

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Ayush Tripathi • Edited

correct! Plus i also visited the site the design needs to altered, the color schemes are offensive for the eyes. overall good approach.

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Arth Tyagi Author

That could be the case since my screens are retina and 100% true color so when I chose those colors, I only tested on the retina screens so it could be that the colors appear different on other screens. Is it too dark?