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Development Progress of AbstractMark, the modern markup language

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Quick overview of AbstractMark

In short, AbstractMark is the next generation of markdown language which inherits markdown language to be simple but with more features like the styling to build a modern website. Despite being simple, you can build modern web pages using it! Indeed, the AbstractMark Documentation Site is built using AbstractMark itself.

For more information about AbstractMark, you can visit this previous blog about AbstractMark.

Otherwise, you can visit our documentation website.

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Current Development Progress πŸ’»

For now, AbstractMark has been implemented on JavaScript and is being implemented on Python. Version 0.1.1 of JavaScript implementation has been released and available on npm while Python implementation is still in early development progress.

Surely we will expand AbstractMark into another language, but of course, with your help. AbstractMark not only needs contributors but also maintainers!

JavaScript Implementation Progress

All of the AbstractMark syntaxes had been implemented on JavaScript. This implementation progress is regularly maintained too! The current version is v0.1.1. Version 0.1.1 is a version that fixed typography and spacing bugs from the previous version, v0.1.0. Version 0.1.1 of AbstractMark includes the following features:
Features available on version 0.1.1

Also, AbstractMark CLI had been implemented on the JavaScript version. You can install AbstractMark CLI by typing npm i @abstractmark/abstractmark -g on your terminal. For further information about AbstractMark CLI, please visit this documentation

Python Implementation Progress

Python implementation progress is still in early development progress. We will write a new post after AbstractMark implemented on Python, stay tuned!

Any comments or contributions or even star this repository is much appreciated.

Happy Coding! πŸŽ‰

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