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AbstractMark, the modern markdown language.

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Have you ever considered creating a website or post with custom CSS styling and even more features and keep the source as clean as traditional Markdown language? If you are, AbstractMark will be a good markup language for you! Indeed, you'll be able to create a well-designed website just by using AbstractMark itself!

AbstractMark is a lightweight markup language designed to inherit the traditional syntax and add supports for styling website and using a constant syntax (which means in most cases, there'd be only one syntax, ex: there's only one way to bold a text, **Bold text**).

FYI, AbstractMark is different from WYSIWYG editor. AbstractMark inherited from Markdown to use AbstractMark-formatted file which are .am and .abstractmark extended file.

Quick Start:

For now, which is the early development progress for JavaScript Implementation, you can both try it on our playground and AbstractMark CLI by installing AbstractMark globally on npm package manager which is documented here.


Overview of AbstractMark syntaxes that are not supported in traditional markdown language

  • Class

    • Defining class and its styles which are CSS-based.
       //styles here
       //Other styles here
    • Using class on an element
    Element {.className}

    For example: # Heading {.className}

  • Inline style

    element {key: value}, example: # Hello World {color:red}

  • External stylesheet

    stylesheet: (stylesheet link)

  • External JavaScript

    script: (external script link)


Documentation site (in progress):

Development Progress

For now, AbstractMark has been implemented on JavaScript language and released its beta version, besides, CLI has been built on top of JavaScript is available now. Of course, we'll implement it in other languages, but we need not only contributors but also maintainers! Please reach us if you are interested. Development progress will be also posted as a blog monthly on :) Stay tuned!

Please drop a star on GitHub or consider using it if you like to :)

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Next level generation of markdown, allowing users to add styling, classes, and more into their markdown.


Next level generation of markdown, allowing user to add styling, classes and more into their markdown.

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AbstractMark is next level markup language extended from markdown that supports styling, classes and more. AbstrackMark allows user to create a well-designed website using an easy-to-read and easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to valid HTML or markdown file. AbstrackMark is still on development progress. AbstractMark will be implemented on various programming language soon (contributors needed). File extension for AbstractMark will be .abstrackmark and .am. AbstractMark documentation here



AbstractMark Syntax Documentation Here

Code of Conduct

For the Code of Conduct, please visit

Contributing Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in contributing to AbstractMark! Please take a moment to review this document


AbstractMark is distributed under MIT License

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