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Discussion on: How I built architecture of uptime monitoring service

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venkatesh k

Wow man you're amazing. I have just visited your website and it looks very elegant. No non-sense, very simple & shows what it does. Wonderful.

That's does a lot of motivation to build something that could help people and when it looks like a simple trivial job. I think you've done a wonderful job, that too while you were working at a full-time job. You really have a great productive mindset.

I am sure you should've invested good amount of time planning it so well.

In short, Wonderful idea. All the best
Cheers 🍺

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Victor Author

Thank you! :)

At first, I was tracking the time I spent on the project, and it was like 620 hours. Then I stopped. So in total, I spent maybe 1000+ hours :)