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Crowd brainstorm covid-19

kodierkroete profile image Steffen Frosch twitter logo ・1 min read

So guys, let's face it. Covid-19 is a pandemic. We can't change that fact. But how can we as a bunch of smart people be of any help? Can we contribute to a specific project, can we start a new one?

Ideas which are vaguely flying around in my head:

  • tool to help organize help for those in risk groups (like elderly people, people with lung deseases, etc.)
  • Create a info portal which uses AI to extract info from trustworthy news outlets or in a more pragmatic way a cms where these information get aggregated by humans

Does anybody else have the urge to do something or an idea to come up with to help the world overcome this crisis? This is not the cry for a business pitch so i am looking for some open source work

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One would think with the billions of dollars of investment in predictive modelling that that would be an amply useful tool for determining at-risk areas based on the data we aggregate on positive tests...

This seems possibly out of the realm of your average open source project in the expertise needed for effectiveness though...

So in terms of maybe more achievable, maybe a hyper-localize portal that can answer the question: "What do I do if I have symptoms?" with a decision chart of sorts. Text-in chatbots often seem like a decent interface for this sort of thing.


I like your idea and i think that would really be a quick win.
But how can we introduce some medical Expertise? I feel like to it being ethical at least the aggregated info needs to be verified by physician or something like that


Some ideas picked up from Twitter on how IT can help with current situation:

  • 3d print parts for medical devices (like ventilation systems)
  • donate GPU to help fold protein structure of COVID-19 virus

I think you are missing it from last 18 days on dev. check my posts.

Here is one OSINT suggest ( raw doc)



a global Database for OSINT on diseases is a great idea but maybe out of scope to have an immediate impact? Are there any specific ideas or is there an exisiting code base?


We are missing such global OSINT like HRH. Ya, I know it will take time.
However, you can look an opensource project .
It's very difficult to predict or monitor outbreaks rate especially of viruses at geographic level.

We need data+OSINT to counter this.

Here is YouTube channel Vice explaining how difficult it is to predict about Corona.


The current situation cleary shows how poorly educated the world population is.

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