Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

kojikanao profile image Koji (he/him) ・1 min read

This might be my last post in 2019 lol
I don't list super famous commands like Cmd + c/v etc.

shortcut behavior
Ctrl + Cmd + f Fullscreen
Ctrl + ←/→ Switch screen
Ctrl + ↑/ ↓ Open/Close Mission Control
Cmd + q Terminate app
Cmd + m Minimize window
Cmd + w Close window
Cmd + tab Switch apps
Cmd + m + option Minimize all windows
Ctrl + Cmd + q Lock screen
Cmd + option + power button Sleep mode
Cmd + option + esc Force quit
Cmd + option + shit + q Logout
Cmd + space Opene Spotlight
Cmd + shift + a Open Application via Finder
Cmd + shift + d Open Desktop via Finder
Cmd + shift + h Open Home Dir via Finder
Cmd + shift + f Open Recents via Finder
Cmd + shift + g Open Go to the folder
Cmd + shift + k Open Network via Finder
Cmd + shift + l Open Library via Finder
Cmd + shift + ; Open Spelling and Grammar
Cmd + shift + o Open Documents via Finder
Cmd + shift + i Open iCloud Drive via Finder
Cmd + shift + u Open Utilities via Finder
Cmd + shift + r Open AirDrop via Finder
Cmd + shift + c Open computer via Finder
Cmd + shift + n Create a new folder
Cmd + shift + </> Order Desktop icons
Cmd + shift + / Open app's help
Cmd + shift + 6 Take Touch Bar Shot

Please leave a comment if you have something you always use.


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Abhishek S

Logging out seems like a bummer. Lol.

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Mhd Bssd

Show hidden folders: Cmd + Shift + Fn + .

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Isn’t it Cmd + Shift + . (without Fn needed)?

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Quick Screenshot: Shift + Ctrl + Cmd + 4

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It looks like adding the Ctrl copies it to the clipboard after you select it - without the Ctrl it'll save it to your screenshots folder (I think the desktop is default, but I have mine set up to go into a Dropbox folder).

Other screenshot shortcuts:
Shift + Cmd + 3 - screenshot full screen
Shift + Cmd + 5 - complicated screenshot (I use this for quick videos)